Monday, April 9, 2012

chol hamoed and the single

Chol hamoed is once upon on us and with it all the usual question. What are your plans? I have worked hard over the years to make chol hamoed into a week of no expectations. Rather than focus on the lack of companions with whom to do activities I view it as any other day, spent relaxing and maybe including an outdoor activity. But as much as ive made peace with it the questions still manage to bring me down. Brought on simply as a topic of conversation the questioner does not realize the hurt they are bringing up. So as I attempt to get through this week of questioning and loneliness I hope it will somehow make me stronger. And better equipped to handle the upcoming question- what are your summer plans?


  1. Let's see, I'm a working mother and I have an autistic kid (along with several other kids). My chol hamoed plans involve working, because I don't have enough vacation days to take off, and scrambling for babysitting. Really exciting, right? And same for summer. And people still ask me, what are you doing this summer? Like they can't imagine someone has to, I don't know, WORK.

    So you're not the only one without exciting plans.

  2. yeah, thoughtless comments are not exclusively aimed at singles :)