Saturday, May 23, 2009

the phone call

He started by asking “what are you looking for” the only response I could come up with was a husband (at least I got a laugh out of that). I then turned the question on him and he did not seem to have any opinions other than she needs to wear skirts only and want to cover her hair. Any further religious inquiries were met with I don’t know. Not sure if he was joking or not I decided this was going to be a really fun date or a really wacky one. Upon asking his age I got the response of 52, 60 and finally 65. my only reaction was that you better be rich then . he asked me where we should go and I told him I expect him to decide. We discussed drinking and he mentioned a bar he’d take me to. Again, wasn’t sure how much he was joking

Sunday, May 10, 2009

singles at events

i recently did something i dont do often. i attended a singles shabbaton. i was struck at the confidence (meaning arrogance) of some girls. while most girls have dealt with enough rejection to have a hard time noticing when a guy finally shows interest, some girls seem to have the opposite issue. these girls think everyone is interested. a nice guy saying good shabbos was labelled stalking, a guy leaning in to a conversation in a noisy room was said to have been knocking into her. the response of the girl was of course to snub the offender, who was left with a look of shock, not knowing what he did to deserve her attitude. apparently the only way for some to feel liked is to convince themselves of the fact, whether or not it is true.

sunny days

spring has finally sprung. as i sat in my apt today i listened to the sounds that nice weather brings. the kids were out playing, the parents watching them began to socialize. good cheer was all around. except... the singles felt the change of weather as another season without change. with no children to watch there seemed no reason to be outdoors. with no partner with whom to socialize the park seemed a depressing place. so i called a friend to come play scrabble. we found our own peace and had a nice day after all