Monday, April 12, 2010

cell phones

Dear friend
We recently spent what should have been a nice day together. Fun activity, nice dinner out. But while I was there with you, you were there with someone else. You were texting and emailing all day. When you noticed something comment worthy you’d photograph it on your phone and send it to someone else. Instead of creating new memories with me you were rehashing old ones on your blackberry. Rather than fill me in on the jokes, you communicated them to someone who did not clear their day to spend it with you. Yes, I admit I do sometimes answer a call or text while out with you but it does not take over my day. And once I realized how upset I was getting over your behavior I put my phone away altogether to ensure that my behavior does not match yours.
So please, I beg of you, in this age of technology, where it seems we can be with anyone, anywhere, any time, please don’t use it to push away those who are actually there with you.