Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The alcoholic always goes back
To the drink that makes it all good
The overeater always continues
eating all he could

The druggy will continue
The drugs he will still use
The shopper will use her charge card
To buy just one more pair of shoes

Everyone has their methods
Of how to cope with stress
The thing they always fall back on
When life seems such a mess

For the jew it is much simpler
If you’re trained in younger years
To always turn to your siddur
And drench it with your tears

The practice that you choose
Will continue when you’re old
To help you through the rough times
When the world is feeling cold

It’s important to remember
Change doesn’t happen overnight
We must try and try to train ourselves
It is a constant fight

But soon the day will come
When the answer seems so clear
When we know how to react
To the things we can not bear

When it will seem so natural
To turn to the one above
And instead of temporary relief
He”ll answer us with love

Thursday, November 5, 2009

its not over til the fat girl cries

Her days are filled with chesed
She’s called on in times of need
She visits the sick and lonely
The hungry she does feed

She drives them to their appts
To the hospitals and back
She helps the teens at risk
To get them back on track

The neighbors all know they can call
Any time- morning or night
Her friends are driven to the airport
So they can catch their flight

Her siblings all call on her
When they need her she is there
her nieces phone her in distress
For help with clothing or hair

For everyone around her
Shes the go-to one
For any type of pick me up
Or just to have some fun

Yet when it comes to shidduchim
Here’s what she has found
None of this is important
If you gained an extra pound

You can be the top girl all around
With all the proper stuff
Yet if you are not thin, a perfect size 6
The rest is not enough