Monday, January 16, 2012

adopt a single?

Mi k’amcha yisroel. For every group of suffers there is an organization ready and willing to help out. They swoop in to cheer up the sick children, they are there to help the parents through the difficult times. Adults who are ill can find help through the various bikur cholims. There are support systems in place for survivors and for the bereaved. Parents of kids at risk have where to turn. There are gmachs to help with weddings. There are gmachs to help clothe needy children. there are networks to help the unemployed. The only ones who seem to be left out are the singles. Sure, there are articles written about their crisis! Yes, there are meetings and websites aimed at finding them spouses. But for the day to day struggles of living as a single there is no help. Noone to talk to about their emotions. Nobody is whisking them off for a weekend away from their hardships. Nobody is providing them with gifts just because of what they are going through. Singles are meant to be self sufficient both financially and emotionally. A single woman is expected to be hard working on the job and is assumed to have money put away from all those years of working. she is the first one turned to when help is needed for others, be it time or money but few are thinking about what they can do to ease the pain of her suffering.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

where they still laugh and wish

My friend has just confided
The sorrow she did endure
Watching her mother waste away
Until sadly she is no more

My mind rewinds so many years
To the time of our childhood and youth
A time where we thought we knew it all
But were actually quite naïve and uncouth

another month has sadly passed
she’d stop counting if she could
how many treatments must she try
before the news is good

our senior year was the year we thought
we truly knew it all
we knew where we’d go and what we’d say
we thought we’d never fall

another shadchan, another date
yet single she remains
she tries to cry out to her friends
but they just cant feel her pains

will you be going to college
which seminary will you attend
the future is so exciting
for each student and her friend

her husband took another job
he tutors every night
she works so hard to pay the bills
yet still the money’s tight

they gather together, they seem to regress,
the years-they melt away
until they find themselves back in a time
for just one night, they get to stay
the conversations light,
the food it is delish
they reminisce of happy days
where they still laugh and wish.