Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Arriving home after a long day at work, she rushes in to put up dinner before the kids get home.
Arriving home after a long day of work she is greeted by the silence of her apartment.
One by one they get off the bus, eager to tell her about their day, interrupting each other to fill her in on the schools excitement.
She puts down her bag, and grabs a snack, making a quick phone call to check in with her parents.
She tries to get them started on their homework, but all too soon is inundated with complaints of hunger. Dinner is a noisy event, leaving her head pounding and the sink filled with dishes.
She reads a couple of chapters in her book, unwinding from the stresses of her workday.
She eventually gets up and rummages through the fridge, finding some form of protein and some vegetables. Close enough to resemble a well balanced meal. She absentmindedly skims the newspaper while swallowing the food.
Bathtime is finally over and then its time to start the bedtime routine. She starts with the
younger ones then makes her way up to the older ones. Tantrums and cries of thirst are all part of the program.
She’s checked her mail, her email and spoken to a few friends. She checks her clock. 8pm. Still too early for bed.
Finally the house is silent. The peacefulness teases her, begs her to relax. But the dishes must be done and lunches made.
She wastes some time online, but when she next checks its still only 9.
A few more household chores, a call from a teacher and rearranging carpool for next week. Before she knows it its 11pm, and she falls into bed, unable to move a limb. Her last thought before falling asleep is “I wish I had more time”
Her last thought before falling asleep is “I wish I had more to do with my time”.

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