Monday, January 31, 2011


Although it’s always sad when a parent passes away, leaving children behind, I always felt a special sadness when I heard of an older single losing a parent. If the parent left behind children that were under 18 for example, it’s understandable that the parent would not be present in so many future events. But when a 26 or 34 year old loses a parent its painful that they miss out on what should have taken place years before. And unfortunately the cases of this happening kept increasing. stories I heard or singles I knew. Until it was me. And here I am trying to make sense of it all. All those years of being told “don’t worry you will get married” and now knowing that if I do it will be without my mother at my side. And that is just a senseless tragedy in my mind.


  1. Losing someone close to you is always painful. I know the feeling because I lost my younger brother.
    Losing a parent probably hurts even more - and when your time of simcha comes along you will know that your mother will be there watching from above. It's extremely painful to feel that the neshama is there - I felt it so strong at the chuppah...(I got married after my brother passed away.)

    My bracha to you is that Hashem should send you your special yeshua very soon and you should be zoche to greet your mother with techyias hameisim which we are all waiting for!

  2. I'm so, so sorry. I always thought of that too, when I heard of a parent of a single dying. I don't have any words to comfort you, I just want to send hugs and comfort your way...