Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm thinking .........

I'm thinking of the cold and hungry
While I lay warm and content in my bed
I am thinking of how I could feel lacking
But today I feel grateful instead

I'm thinking of the childless couple
As my kids- they scream and yell
I’m thinking of how I yearn for sleep
But should just be glad my children are well

I'm thinking of the terror victims
In Israel they suffer so
I'm thinking of the secure life we have here
We’re so lucky we all should know

I'm thinking of the family
Whose father suddenly passed away
I'm thinking of the sorrow they are enduring
While our families still laugh and play

I'm thinking of the mother
And her son who is so ill
All the treatments he must go through
Appreciate your health, if you will

I'm thinking of the unemployed man
and how he agonized before he spent
i'm thinking of the parnassah I have
and know its heaven sent

i'm thinking of all the tzaros
of klal yisroel far and near
i'm thinking of all the brachos in my life
if I just look, they are right here.

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