Sunday, May 10, 2009

sunny days

spring has finally sprung. as i sat in my apt today i listened to the sounds that nice weather brings. the kids were out playing, the parents watching them began to socialize. good cheer was all around. except... the singles felt the change of weather as another season without change. with no children to watch there seemed no reason to be outdoors. with no partner with whom to socialize the park seemed a depressing place. so i called a friend to come play scrabble. we found our own peace and had a nice day after all

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  1. Hey, we live in the most exiting city in the world, and some many adventures cost nothing at all! Enjoy the spring while you can; do not stay indoors. Take a camera along to the park, watch people, take pictures of the absurd, walk over the bridge (either Brooklyn or Manhattan), walk up or down Broadway, go to the book superstore to have coffee and read, wake up early enoughth to photograph the sunrise, go check out different flower arrangements, sit on the bench and watch tourists, take a Staten Island ferry there and back. I mean, the possibilities are endless!!