Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mazel... TOV????

The news just broke, the neighbor is engaged! Such a simcha!!! This family has suffered enough. Health issues, shalom bayis issues, parnassah issues, hardships with the kids. For years we have all been saying how much they need this simcha. And now it's finally here. And rather than be truly happy for them I am sitting here wallowing in self pity. Instead of focusing on the good I am dreading facing the neighbors as the older still single neighbor. And more saddening to me than the fact that I'm still single is the fact that I can not take joy in others success.

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  1. Hey still waiting, its offthedwannab. (I tried to post this above but it's not working)
    First off, you have a really good blog. (I was just snooping around through your old pieces.)
    I think the only answer is to create a singles-centered community. Forget what some people will say. What do we need them to approve of us for? Shidduchim? Singles shuls and events will get you better dates than any shadchan could ever do. Plus, if you make your own thing, youre not looked at like a nebechl anymore.

    The only problem is fighting through the initial resistance, which won't be backed up by any intelligent Rabbi anyway. There's a shidduch crisis. This can help. We're not going off the derech, we're just taking care of ourselves.