Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the dentist office

She walked in to the room with an air of confidence. She too appeared to be in her mid twenties but seemed to be everything I felt I was not. She was carrying a handbag indicative of a professional. Her outfit was modest yet showed an artistic inner being. Her hair was perfectly blown, side bangs feathered back to perfection. She annoyed me to the core. Here I was in agony and she had the audacity to have it altogether! In contrast, I had just thrown on a long skirt with a sweatshirt, slipped my hair in a pony tail and prayed not to meet anyone I knew. And if I did, too bad. I had a toothache. She approached the busy receptionist and signed her name on the clipboard. I prayed she’d sit on the other side of the room but no, of course not. On a day like this, when everything already seemed to be going wrong, little miss perfect had to sit down right next to me. I knew her type well. Choir head in high school, top seminary graduate and after the quick route through college landed the perfect job. And of course had her pick of perfect boys to go out with. And then to make matters worse, she had to smile at me. She couldn’t just be pretty, she had to be friendly too??? Smile back I ordered myself. And before I could help it I found myself turning and introducing myself, and then asking her her name. I expected a quick easy response but to my horror I watched as she struggled to get the words out. A stutterer. Who would have guessed. Something inside me softened. Perhaps it didn’t all come to her so easily either.


  1. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes people have to dress themselves up with the perfect look because they are covering up for something not so perfect hiding beneath the surface.
    You got to see it for yourself - not always do we get that. Wow.

  2. I've come to realize that the perfect life does not exist. Everyone has things to deal with. Some are easy to see with the naked eye and some not.

    Also, don't forget, what you "saw" was superficial, it was her effort to look put together, which technically can be done by almost anyone (if they put their mind to it).

  3. this piece was fiction, but i see you guys got the proper message from it. glad you enjoyed :)