Tuesday, September 14, 2010

rosh hashana thoughts

Just spoke to a friend, reminiscing about this time last year. Over last succos I got to meet the guy she was seriously dating. Now, a year later she is very pregnant. (Yes, I know you are either pregnant or not, no varying levels). She commented on how much has changed in one year. And while I outwardly agreed with her internally I was focused on how much has stayed the same for me. In one year that she has gone from being single to engaged to married and now nearing the birth of her child I have remained single. Dateless and hopeless. And while I can be grateful for all the good in my life I can also take this time to wallow in self pity. For a year gone by without a date, without a chance, without feeling any closer to my goal.


  1. Yeah, yomim tovim are the hardest time for a lot of people because I think we tend to think back a year and see either how far we've come or how little has changed.

    I give you a bracha from the bottom of my heart that next year, you be the one with all those amazing changes....the husband and the wig and the diamond ring and maybe even the very pregnant :-). You never know....

  2. (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))
    My heart goes out to you! I know the feeling-I work with a bunch of people who were all on my side of the fence last year, and this year they have been airlifted over krias yam suf and are all pregnant and happy looking!! I know this sounds trite but yeshuas hashem k"heref aiyin. I personally know someone who was in her 30s, not married and in 14 weeks she was already married and pregnant. It will happen, just gotta hold on for a little while longer.