Tuesday, October 27, 2009

life wasted

I just spent hours in front of the computer, as I do every night. Checking email (still none) watching movies. In short wasting time. But I am not sure what else I am supposed to do with my time. I come home from work with hours to go until bedtime and am not sure how to better spend my nights. I tried signing up for a continuing education class but that ended badly. Turns out that sometimes doing things alone is worse than not doing anything. So I am back to sitting and wasting my life away. One night at a time.


  1. I guess it depends how you look at it. That's how I spent my life, and I loved it! Put a positive spin on it. I would rather "hang out" with myself than with other people I have nothing in common with, so it worked out perfectly. Maybe find a phone buddy?

  2. I'm sorry that you feel so alone. I'm sure you've heard all the advice about keeping yourself busy and being "out there" so I'll spare you that. I just hope you find or create a situation where you're happy, truly happy. Good luck!

  3. thanks for everyones supportive comments. and scrabble was a great idea. as soon as my friend is ready to get back in the swing of things....